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Friday, April 13, 2007

Maya and Miguel

I made Eme some new jammie pants today too. After the boys went to school, of course. I'm not super mom :) We'd bought this fabric months ago at wal-mart on clearance. Have you seen Maya and Miguel? It's a show on PBS. Another one of those shows that tries to teach my kids spanish. She likes it though.


Kerri said...

I came across your post with the great picture of your daughter with Maya and Miguel pants.

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If you’d like to receive the DVD just email me at Kerri at with your address and I’ll have it shipped it out to you. If you do choose to get the Maya & Miguel DVD and decide to blog about it, please make it clear how you received the DVD. Our goal is to be open and honest with everyone we reach.

All the best,

Kerri Roberts, BoldMouth