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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Giant Game of Twister

This was the first room that we stopped in. It's a giant game of twister on a bouncy game board. The kids thought that was real neat. Jim, who was still asleep, of course didn't play. Everyone else got on. Joe was out in a matter of seconds. He doesn't like organized activities.

Here's Eme, right before she was out. It's hard to play twister if you don't know your left from your right!

Good job Jacob! You're a pro!

Well done Tom! Nice butt move!

OK, now Tom is out. Go Jacob!

That's a lovely shot!

And it's down to Jacob and one other boy!

The other boy won, but Jacob got 2nd. Way to go Son!


Anonymous said...

that is a tall job to hold all the muscle. It would be much easier for the smaller boy. Good determination!

Madison McShinsky said...

hehe, that girl is sitting on jakes head!