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Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Crocodile

Yah, I wasn't waiting in line to hold this guy. Neither was Eme. The guy told a story about this crocodile. He was flushed down the drain as a baby, when his owners realized how much work he was. The reptile guy was called in to save him from the sewer. Look how big this guy is now!

Tom holding the crocodile.

Jacob holding the crocodile.


Nathaniel said...

That's awesome! How did they keep it from snapping? Was his mouth tied shut with bands or something?

a said...

The guy mentioned something about that. He said that the moms are probably wondering where the rubber band was for his mouth. He told us that if the crocks mouth needed rubber banded shut, there's no way he would take it out of his mouth.

So I don't know how he trained it not to snap or bite, but he did somehow.

Nathaniel said...

Hmm. That seems like an accident waiting to happen. Either way, what an awesome opportunity. To say you held a croc, and even have pictures of it. Pretty darn cool.

Madison McShinsky said...

Wow, I'm with you and Eme..I wouldn't hold that thing!

a said...

the boys were so proud!