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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My New Screen Door

I have been wanting a screen door for the past 3 years! Today, I went out and bought myself one! Then I came home and put it up. Granted, if Brent had done it, it would have been leaps and bounds better, but I have a screen door! No bugs this week. And, when Brent gets home from his trip, he can fix it for me.


Madison McShinsky said...

Very nice! Did you build it yourself, or just put it up? It doesn't look like it has a door knob or handle or whatever it would have! ha, or is it just one of the push kinds?

a said...

Yah, it's a push kind. The handle is on the other side. And I bought it from Home Depot. Only $20. I thought that was reasonable. Really, it needs some work, but it's good enough for now. Brent will know how to fix it :)

Madison McShinsky said...

We went to Home Depot today..we got a ceiling fan and some stuff!

a said...

we also got a light for the kitchen. the ceiling fan in there does so little. the new light has 3 bulbs, and will be much brighter.

i do like the home depot. they're so friendly and helpful. the guy who helped us actually took my door all the way to my truck. What a nice guy!

Anonymous said... rock!! I'm not sure if I can make it right. That's why I haven't bought it yet.