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Monday, April 23, 2007

New Stuff

We have (had) this annoying light in the bathroom, opposite the sink, that kept burning out. The last time I replaced the bulb, by the time Brent got home from work, it had burnt out. Come on, light. Work with me. So it was replaced today. What do you think? And Brent, I know the mirror is not centered with the light, but work with me here. That's where the electricity came out. So that's where the lights went!

And here's the new 8x10's of the kids. Aren't they cute. Sorry about the orange color, but my video camera (that also takes stills) doesn't have a flash. So orange it is! I just love these pictures. Especially Joe and Jim. Such cuties!


Madison McShinsky said...

We have a light like that in our bathroom...very cute pictures.. I love big pictures!

a said...

They're a little pixalated, but you can't really tell unless you're up real close.

And the light was super easy to install. and it was only about $7 at walmart. not bad, eh?

Anonymous said...

Very nice pics Mom!

Anonymous said...

nice job on the definitely have super Mom status!

a said...