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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My New Dress

So this is why I wasn't online today. I finally made my real Civil War dress. The other one was just my practice dress out of the cheap-o fabric. I really like this one. I still need to make a white collar for it, then it's completely done. I decided to put buttons on this one instead of eye hooks. Much better! The blue apron goes well with this dress, and I also have red checked fabric to make another apron and bonnet. Plus, I have enough of the dress fabric to make Eme a matching dress. But not today! I'm done sewing today :)


Madison McShinsky said...

Could you imagine wearing that all day everyday! Thank goodness for jeans! Great sewing job!!

a said...

It's the "stays" that suck. You can't take a full breath. I don't know how they did anything. But it takes about 3 inches off your waist. Thats not bad. I couldn't even get the dress to go around me without it on.

And no doubt! I love my jeans! And sweats :)

Lyn said...

You could have sewn dresses for the ladies in the The Work and The Glory novels! Nice job!

a said...

Why thank you very much! I was happy with the way it turned out for an afternoon of sewing!

Madison McShinsky said...

It will be way cute with you and Eme in matching dresses!

Anonymous said...

Outstanding job, Sweetie! It is amazing how fast you churned it out! You've really gotten quite good. Must have got the sewing bit from Granny, eh?