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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Community Fair

So Brent is away for the weekend (but not Sunday), and I'm at home with all 5 kids. Jacob and Tom said that there's this Community Fair thing that the schools are involved in on Saturday, and that we should go. OK, sounds fine to me. We can go for about an hour or less, and leave once the kids start fighting.

We drive to a different school, and they have bus shuttle service. that was handy. Lots of parking, and we get to ride on the bus. Made the kids day!

Here we all are. And no, Jimmy isn't dead, he's sleeping. Poor things gonna get a crink in his neck!

Aren't Joe and Eme cute!

Did I mention that Jake didn't want to go. He thought it would be more fun to be home playing video games and watching TV. Let's see if he changes his mind!