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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Blast From the Past

I was talking to my mom tonight about my last post, and she reminded me of a time when Joe did that exact same thing, at about the same age. So I began to search through all of my files to find the picture, but alas, it seems to be missing. But I did find a lot of other pictures that brought back a bunch of memories. I've been at it now for over an hour! Holy cow!

ps. i know that i butchered the dates, but remember, I've lost my last nerve!!!!

2006 - us at chuck e cheese when my parents were visiting

joe in his "i love uncle fan" stage

2005 - Jacobs b-day party

2005 - baby jim and eme


2004 - Eme and Tom


Mad girl :)

Jake and Tom at ocean xmas of 2001?

Eme and Jacob - 2001

xmas 2001 at shore acres

Jacob and Tom as xmas 2000

Jacob and Tom in the leaves at our apt in springfield

Rhody days 2005

Joe at Madi's wedding


Anonymous said...

very nice sweetie...look at those bright blue eyes! I also love that one of Jake and Tom in the leaves is one of my favorites!

Nathaniel said...

That picture of Eme all upset is one of the funniest pictures of all time.

Madison McShinsky said...

Eme lookes sooo cute in that one with Tom! And it's Rhody 04 if it was my year in the pageant.

Lyn said...

That was priceless! I'll look for the one of Joe at work tomorrow! I love you guys!

a said...

I just had so much fun looking through all the old pictures, and seeing how big everyone had gotten!