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We're moving again! Well, not physically, but my blogger account is full, and I'm moving to a new blog location.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Brent's Family HIstory Site

Hey all! Click on the banner below to go and visit Brent's family history site. It's really well done. I'm so glad that he is so diligent in family history. I only wish that I knew half as much information about my own family as he does about his! Good job Brent!


Madison McShinsky said...

The pic isn't showing up on mine, and your shopping day one doesn't have a place to comment! Maybe it's just my computer?

a said...

Yah, I noticed that the shopping day doesn't have a comment place. What's up with that? Weird. Which one doesn't have a picture?

Madison McShinsky said...

the link for "brents family history site" it just shows a red X

a said...

ok, i think i fixed it. this last time that i viewed my blog, it looked weird like you were talking about. so i put on a new picture, and relinked it. I think it should work now.