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Friday, April 20, 2007

Birthday Party

Here's the present that the kids and I got for Brent. Tools. Boy does he like tools. This is a post hole digger.

Here's a book from Grandma Lyn. Thanks so much!

This is a series of Civil War books that Brent has wanted for a while. He was really surprised to get them!

This is a neat book with pictures of the Civil War. Brent was really excited to get this one!

Brent and Jacob

Look out Dad! Jim is gonna wack you!

That's better!


Lyn said...

glad you liked them, i had fun finding them for ya!

Nathaniel said...
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Nathaniel said...

I like how there's chocolate on their faces, hehe.

That set looks awesome. I'm jealous. My three volume version gets a little overwhelming sometimes. I think breaking it up makes a lot more sense.

Oh, and an indirect happy birthday.

Joe McShinsky said...

Happy Birthday Brent!!!!!!!

a said...

Poor Brent had to work on his birthday. He's at Scout Camp doing a training for Venturing right now. And it's 10:30 at night! He camped out there last night.

He's had to work almost every birthday of his since he started with the scouts. Poor Brent!

a said...

And yah, the have chocolate all over their faces. Jimmy fell down the outside step a few minutes after this picture, and I picked him up to give him a hug, and I got chocolate all over me! Messy kids!

You'd think the older they got, the cleaner they'd get, but no. Their still messy eaters. Oh well :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, Lyn, liked them very much. If I was going to get Civil War books, the this very series was at the top of my must list!! Awesome...thanks again!

And thanks for the indirect b-day wish, Fan.

Anonymous said...

And Joe as well....thanks for the b-day wish!

Anonymous said...

What sweet kids...I like that picture a whole lot! That was neat to have them gather around for a picture with me that they wanted!