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Friday, April 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Brent!

Brent will be at work tomorrow, on his birthday, so we had his party today. Like the yummy snacks. We made rice crispy squares (well, not squares) with chocolate frosting. Yummy. We put them in muffin tins to form, then drizzled the drippy frosting over them. And they only had
175 calories a piece, so I could have one as my afternoon snack!

Notice the "candles". There are 3 on one, and 5 on the other. Tricky, eh?

Happy Birthday Brent!


Madison McShinsky said...

ew..i can't eat rice crispie treats..i ate soo many when i did a how to make them speech at school when i was pregnant..siick

Anonymous said...

They were very good. I would have liked them plain though a little better. But I much prefer them to cake. I cream is good, but these are a little more healthy for you (not much though!)

they were very yummy...thanks Sweetie!