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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Laundry is FUN.......

OK, I don't know why I let Eme take a picture of me. I haven't showered, or put on my contacts, or my real clothes, or anything. But my mom told me to have her do it, so I did it. See Mom, I was a good kid! I listened to my mom!

Anyway, I needed to fold laundry, big time. There were 10 loads sitting on my couch. Needless to say, no one was using that couch! Now, we have our couch back!


Madison McShinsky said...

Laundry is not so fun...i've been a slacker..I haven't done it in 3 days! It really piles up! Now today i've done 3 loads so far and its all just thrown on the lovesac..i'll fold it eventually..maybe..

a said...

At least I don't have to sort, wash, dry, or bring it up stairs. And Brent, Jacob, and Tom put away their own laundry. So really, I just fold, then put away mine, Eme, Joe, and Jim's. Such is life :)