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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Cub Scout Conservation/Service Project

Today, Saturday, was the day of our Conservation/Service project. We decided to pick up trash. Originally, we were going to go to the Joliet Ironworks place, but we decided that this other spot was better. It had a playground, and an ice cream place. Much better! It was just off of Ruby Street, on 53. Nice park. It appeared to be very clean, but the tree line was a mess. I think that we dented the trash, though!

Here we all are, getting ready to go, going over the ground rules. Stay away from the road, stay with your buddy, don't pick up anything dangerous, don't fall down the hill. Pretty common sense :) Thanks so much to Catalina Mendoza (Enrique's mom) for bring the rubber gloves. They sure made the project a lot more fun! No worrying about touching nasty trash!

And here's Joe, sad that he was told to stay out of the giant puddle. I know Joe, life can be cruel sometimes!

And Jimmy with his bag. He was my partner.

Look how anxious he is to get started. Well, that is until he noticed the playground. Then, I picked up the trash around the playground, and he played on the toys. I think that if he were Joe's age, I would have enjoyed myself a bit more. I spent most of my time watching him and Enrique's brother. Oh well. 2 more years :)

Here's Chaim's little sister, Emeline (who were partners), and Chaim's mom. I can't remember her name off the top of my head. I have it written downstairs, but I'm not going down there right now :)

Here's Tom. Don't get too close to the edge! It's a long way down!

And Jacob, with the first of his trash bags! The big kids really did get a lot of trash!

The found a big broken trash can in the tree line. I think that takes the cake for "biggest piece of trash"! He's working with Jared and Jared's uncle.

And here's Eme, posing for the camera :)

And Tom and Jacob. After they got this bag filled, they went pack for a second. Most of the other kids had their own individual bags, but these two were working together. So, they needed 2 bags together. Well done, Tigers!

And here's the group. Lets see if I can get everyone's name!

Chaim's mom, Chaim's sister, Catalina, Emeline, Joseph, Brent, Enrique's brother, Enrique, Chaim, Jared's uncle, Jacob, Jared, Jacob, Jacob's sister, Tom, Beth, and Jim.

OK, I didn't do too awful on names :)