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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Our Friends who Moved Away

Here's a picture from our friends, the Ketchers. They moved away from Joliet a while back and moved to Tennessee. Wish I lived in Tennessee! Lucky!

The girls, Alli and Kenna, are getting so big!!! And Ardith, you look very nice too :) And Matthew is so big. He was just a tiny baby when you guys left! But where is Aaron in these pictures?

And here are some more friends that moved away. Well, technically, we moved away first, when we went to Oregon. Then, they moved away when they moved to Idaho. Travis actually works for the BSA too! Anyway, here's their easter pictures. Madison and Zach(?). Sorry Ann. I suck at names :) Let me know if I'm wrong. And Ann, where' the picture of you?

And one final family. These are my friends Heather's kids. She and I were roommates our Sophomore year at BYU. She lives in Arizona now. See a trend in my friends. They all live far away!!!! Poor me :( Anyway, here's Majia and Jerhen (I know I"m butchering the names), with their cute bunny ears. And Heather and Cory, where are your pictures?