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Monday, April 02, 2007

Ballerina Girl

Isn't she cute! After looking at my mom and my sister's websites, I had to get Eme a ballerina outfit too! So it was off to the Unique Thrift Shop on Monday morning, finding a gymnist suit for 1.50, then some toole and ribbon and flowers for the tutu part. It was under 8.00. Not bad, eh? What a cutie!
This one is my favorite!


Madison McShinsky said...

She is soo cute! Does that leotard(is that spelled right?) have a built in skirt? Way cute! You need to add one to moms site

a said...

the leotard has a small skirt, but I made the poofy toole one myself. Aren't I handy?

Anonymous said...

She is very cute! Just like her Mom! Good job on making that girl stuff, Sweetie Pie!