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Thursday, April 12, 2007

New Cape

Do you like me new cape? We have our first family Civil War event this weekend, and it's been snowing. I'm not gonna freeze, soooooo, I convereted this wool blanket into a nice new cape. Lined, even. With heavy white muslin. It actually looks quite nice. I was pretty impressed with myself. And it only took me 2 hours to make. I'm getting fast :)

This should keep me warm this weekend.

Aren't the glasses lovely? Not period at all :)

It kind of looks like I have sleeves! The only problem with the blanket is that it's old, and that it smells. Any ideas? And no Mom, not febreeze! I'm too cheap to dry clean it. How do you clean wool?

I was looking on line, and a cape like this is about $100. I paid $20 for the blanket, I think. Could have been $15. And $1.25 for the muslin. Not too bad, eh? Granted, this one doesn't have a hood, but I could have made one if I'd have wanted to. The "sloping shoulder" look is period, and I didn't want to mess with how to get that, and a hood too. Anway, here's my cape. I like it!


Anonymous said...

Outstanding!! Cape looks super duper and very period. Wow!

Madison McShinsky said...

Very Nice! Looks super warm!

a said...

Thanks. It is pretty warm. And thick and heavy! Who knows how many lbs of clothing I have on. Goodness!

Anonymous said...

Washing is a bad idea, but you could try running through the dryer on "cool" with some dryer sheets that smell nice. And when the weather improves, hanging in the sunshine kills many odors.

Have fun this weekend! Wear heavy socks!