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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Cub Scout Den Meeting

Cubs Scout night is Wednesday night. Meetings start at 6:30pm, and we have to be there early because we have the key. We were actually about 5 minutes early this week! And, we had all of our scouts there that night. 6 out of 6!

Here's Tom and Enrique. Notice their lovely neckercheif slides? That's what we made for our project this week. We spray painted the apples red, then picked out apple seeds from an apple (and ate the apple!), guled the seeds to the apple cutout, then glued the PVC pipe onto the back. Nice neckercheif slide, eh?

Here's Enrique and Joe Joe. Funny faces boys!

Joe Joe wanted his picture taken, then, when I got the camera ready, he got embarassed, and pulled off his neckercheif slide. This is all I caught. Poor Joe gets embarassed so easily.

Enrique making the Scout Sign, the Ears of Akela.

Here's Jared, our newest Cub Scout. He's a Webelos with Jacob. He's in Jacobs class at school. Welcome Jared!

Not sure what Joe's doing here. Taking a break? Who knows!
And Jimmy with that football. Don't know where that came from, but he sure liked it. He loves balls. It's one of his 5 words or so that he can say. Isn't he cute!


Nathaniel said...

Good to see Tom warming posing for a picture again.

a said...

He's ok about it in public, it's mainly at home that he has issues about.

I tried again to explain to him that just because he's on the blog, it doesn't mean that anyone in the world can see him. They don't know the address. The concept is a little over his head :)

Nathaniel said...

Yeah, the internet is a fairly abstract idea.