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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Best I Can Get

OK Tom. Enough with the melodrama. Your mom likes to take pictures. Get over it. You're a cute kid. You're photogenic. You need to smile and embrace the camera. No more hiding, or fussing, or running, or crying. You like pictures. Pictures are your friend!

Unfortunately, he doesn't listen to me, and this is the best I can get out of the kid. Oh, and he wanted to wear this hat to school today, but I said no. I know, I'm the mean mom too!


Lyn said...

Thomas, you must let your mother take your photo as often as she likes, because I LOVE to see your sweet, smiling face! And if you dont let her, then I miss all that wonder and excitement that only comes from someone whos almost 8! OK for grandma??

The McCullough Family said...

Another Camp Baker mug :)

Anonymous said...

That's right baby! That's one of my Baker Cups that I had made. I don't think that my successor continuted with that idea. He lost out on some money!