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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Poll: Does Jim Need to go to the Doctor?

Jimmy woke up this morning with a yucky eye. He had green eye buggers crusted to his face. His eyelashes were stuck together. There was stringy green stuff inside that I had to pull out. Nasty.

So, will this clear up on it's own, or does he need to go in? What do you all think? And yes, I think that polling my blogger friends about medical advice is a great way of parenting :)


Madison McShinsky said...

If my eye looked like that I would go to the doctor so I guess I would take him...

a said...

That's true. I would too. But kids always have weird things going on with them, and it's hard to know when to take them in and when not to. I think I'll call and see if they want to see him.

Mr. Matt said...

Bethany to me it looks like Pink Eye. so i would watch it and make sure the others done get it too.

Stephen said...

Good Idea, I would take him in to the doctor too.

I heartily agree with you on polling your blogger friends for advice.

Advice can never hurt! Three Cheers

Lyn said...

Maybe its the super glue coming out! ha. . call the doctor please.

a said...

OK, I called the Dr, got the receptionist, and she's giving him the message. they're gonna call back in a bit.

CSA Brent said...

Our doctor doesn't mess around and have you come in for every little thing. He's just sending some simply antibiotics to get it squared away.

Yea, it definitely needs doctor intervention. Infections aren't work messing around with. Could cause blindness or eye damage if it is bad enough. At the least, he'll spread it all over the house. And I'm sure it is uncomfortable.

Of course a baby's comfort ideal is much different than an adult!

Mr. Matt said...

Update us and let us know what the doc said.