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Thursday, June 28, 2007

MoTab on the Lawn

Here's some pics from the Ravinia website. We were not allowed to bring in cameras. And when I tried to take one from my phone, I got in trouble (Thanks Brent :)

What a fun evening we had! We decided that this would be our 11 year anniversary date, since we didn't get one on our actual anniversary. What a time we had!

We dropped off the kids at Joy's house around 5pm. They were so excited to go. They love Joy! Brent and I headed up to the city. We stopped off at Quiznos for dinner. I don't get to go out to eat much, so it was a lot of fun for me. I had a roasted ham sandwich and a diet Sobe. They had diet Sobe in the fountain, and free refills. Wow. Gotta like that.

We drove all the way up to the northside, and the traffic was good. Only slowed down for a bit right inside the city. We got to the parking lot at about 8:00pm. The shuttle came within 5 minutes, and we were at the gates by 8:10pm. We walked around, looking for a place to set up our chairs. There were people everywhere.

We knew that you couldn't actually see the concert from the lawn, but that was ok. Their PA systems was excellent. I guess it should be, though. The MoTab sounds beautiful. We wandered up to the front, and stood at the gates of the pavilion, where we could see the choir. They looked wonderful.

We stood there for a few songs, then wandered around a bit more. We finally decided on a place near the back, with a main path running from the pavilion to the buildings. Great for people watching. Do you ever do that? Just watch the people as they walk by, and critique them. Probably not the nicest thing in the world to do, but it was sure fun.

That kept us occupied for most of the evening. Too bad it got dark, as it's not easy to see people in it. Oh well. The choir sang a few songs that we knew. And even one from our Civil War MoTab album that we have "Battle Hymn of the Republic". Awesome song!

After the concert, we decided that it wasn't to our advantage to run out of there. We just sat on the lawn, and watched more people walk by. We were trying to decided which people we would want to look more like when we were old. There were a handful of good ones to choose from :)

When most of the people had cleared out, we headed back to the buses. No one else was making there way there. We started to get a bit panicky, thinking that maybe the last bus had left, and we'd be stuck there. We quickened our pace.

Luckily, there was still a line for the bus. Nothing to worry about. We waited for about 5 minutes, then were on a bus, back to our parking lot. We got in the car, and headed to Steak and Shake. It was in the area, and I'd never been. I figured that I needed to go at least once. It was ok. Nothing too special. I guess that now that I've been, I don't need to go back :)

We ended up getting home at about 1pm. That's way past my bedtime. I was almost falling asleep in the car. Poor Brent. I felt bad for being such a bad date at the end. Some nice conversation on the way home would have been nice. Oh well. He knows that I can't stay up late. We just listened to fun music, and sang along all the way home.

All in all, it was awesome! Thank you so much to those that made the day for us! We SOOOO appreciate it.


Lyn said...

Not to worry, he got to sleep in today. . .so you can doze in the car! ha! I wonder where you got that people watching thing from. . . ??? mmmm HAAA! Its the most fun. . but even more fun is watching from afar and adding dialog to what they are doing. . .now thats a hoot!

a said...

we were far enough off that we were doing that too. It was quite enjoyable!

Madison McShinsky said...

ha, you two (mom and you) are too weird! And you got in trouble for trying to sneak a pic on your phone..too funny! did the person even see you..looks like there were lots of folks there..ha

a said...

silly, because the picture didn't work anyway. it was just a blur of white light. But Brent told me to take one, and I didn't want to. Not that I thought that we weren't supposed to, I just was being lazy. So I finally pulled it out of my purse, and took one. Then I get told "You're not trying to take a picture, are you?" from the usher. Nice.