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Saturday, June 16, 2007

It's Time To EAT!!!!

Yummy. The food was awesome. We had a giant salad, pasta salad, a HUGE fruit salad (watermelon, grapes, cantelope, and strawberries), chips, sodas, cheesecake, and hot dogs. Nikki and Martin made homemade Poor Boys. They were wonderful. The took cube steak and grilled them up. Next, they put butter all over big hoagie rolls and toasted them. Then they put on sauted onions and mozzarella cheese. SOOOOO good. Brent, Jacob, and I shared one. Thanks Nikki!

Here's Martin, Carline (Pauls mom), Martin & Nikki's baby, Nikki, John & Beth Roberts

Here's Stephen and Matt. Thanks, guys, for helping out today, and for getting us this AWESOME location for the Bike Rodeo.

Yes, they're wet. Matt brought his pop up trailer, and hooked up the hose to the back. It wasn't hooked on their all the way, or the connection was bad, or something. So it was spraying water. Well, that was Jimmy's favorite part of the whole thing. He kept putting his head under it, and drinking from it, and playing in it. Looks like Eme went to play for a bit too.

I LOVE this picture. Brent wanted me to go take on of them. SO glad that I did. Turned out great. It's Jimmy, Jacob Roberts, and Thomas.

Bethany Harty :)


Stephen said...

Wow, love the pictures! They turned out great. You must think Brent is your 6th child sometimes right, lol.

Too bad you missed a picture of the falling monkeys, lol.

It was no problem helping out, it was fun and I'll be glad to do it again anytime.

a said...

Yeah, I do, but I know that sometimes he feels like I'm his 6th child, so it all balances out in the end!

It wasn't my kids who were being monkey's, was it? I think it was Enrique's brother. But can't be sure. Sorry about that, anyway.

And we were glad for the help! Thanks!