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Monday, June 11, 2007

Girls Camp Tee Shirts

You'all know that I'm the camp counselor for Young Womens, right? Well, here are our T-shirts for Ward Day. Our theme is .... well, I can't remember, but it has something to do with Princesses. So, on the front, there's a crown with rhinestones. On the back, it says Princess, then the girls name underneath it.

I kinda messed up on the Bethany part, so I'm making a new one. I don't want a retarded one. See how the Bethany part is outlined? It should be highlighted like the Princess part. That would look much better. And the crown should be more towards the middle. It was too far off to the left....or right. Which ever way.

So, I gave it to Eme. She was so pleased. It's for a night shirt, and she felt like such a big kid. Way to go Eme. You're so cute!


Madison McShinsky said...

I want one..i'm a princess...well actually Joe says i'm the Queen now cuz Ella is the princess..but whatever..cute shirts!!

a said...

I'm wondering what to put on mine....well, the new one I'm making today. Should it say "Princess Sister Harty". That just sounds gay. I'll have to think about that sone some more.

You can still be the princess too. I always liked the thought of being a princess better than being a queen :)

Madison McShinsky said...

At girls camp we called the leaders by their first names I least I did..

Stephen said...

Never been to camp or been called Princess, but the shirt is cute.

Though you may want to make it bigger at least the crown especially if it's on the front. Just my opinion.

a said...

Well, I'm Princess Sister Harty. Kinda gay, but it doesn't look too bad. I'll post some more pics of the final product later.

I kept the logo on the front small, but positioned it better. It looks good. And the back is all redesigned. Night and day difference. I'm very pleased with it.