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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Eme Learns to Ride a Bike

Way to go Eme! We're so proud. This is the earliest that any of our kids have learned to ride a bike. OK, I know that many of you have kids that are younger that are already riding bikes, but my kids are big. Harder to balance, right? :)

Anyway, she's so heavy, that when she leans on the training wheels, they bend and fall up. So in essence, she's been riding without the training wheels for a few weeks anyway. And we always have to give her a push to start anyway, so we took off the training wheels tonight.

We figured that she'd fight it, and cry and fall and stuff. Well, she totally surprised us. We gave her a push, and off she went. No crashing. No falling. No crying. Just rode on up with the big boys, and was SOOOO proud of herself. Good job, EMELINE!


Madison McShinsky said...

Wow, and already doing tricks! No feet! ha, Good job Eme!

a said...

She thought she was cool stuff! I was so worried that she'd crash with the crazy foot thing. But she didn't. Phew!

Lyn said...

Good on ya Eme!! Come and ride bikes with Taylor now. . .

Mr. Matt said...

Great job Eme. Hey sometime we need to go on a bike ride. I am getting a new bike. The old one is to messed up LOL.

a said...

we unfortunately can't ride bikes right now because of jim and joe. if we had a trailer, or 2 bike seats, maybe. we'll invest in those in the future. right now, it's just walks for us :(

Mr. Matt said...

WEll bethany, when i was a kid i use to take a red wagan and tie it to my bike. you can try that.

LOL i am joking they will get hurt.