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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Cub Scouting Time Again

Congratulations to Thomas Lee for earing his Tiger badge! He and Jacob Roberts have been working real hard all year long to earn their badges. Tonight, they were awarded it! Way to go, boys!

Here's Thomas, Dante, Jacob, and Chaim in the opening ceremony.

And our 3 new cub scouts, Dante, Dakota, and Edgar. A 4th new one came late, named Paul.

Here we are in our awards ceremony. Notice I'm in the pics.....I let Beth Roberts use the camera. Yeah for me!!!! Brent had a real nice ceremony for the boys. We got to light candles and stuff. Real good.

Here's John and Jacob Roberts, and Tom and I (I'm wearing bug antennas. Yes, I know I'm hot!)

But I took them off for the group shot! Here's Beth, John, and Jacob Roberts, and Thomas, I, and Brent.

Way to go, boys!


a said...

While these jeans are soooo comfy, I'll have to remember that they're not all! That's just wrong!

Lyn said...

Way to go Tom Congratulations mister!!!

Madison McShinsky said...

Good Job Tom! I have some pants like that too..ha

Chris & Stephanie said...

Congrats Tom! I can't wait for Christopher to start scouting. It's pretty sad that I know so little about it and I'm the Primary President! Shhh, don't tell. I have a good counselor!

Chris & Stephanie said...

And by the way, I'm wearing a pair of those pants right now!