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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Trip to the Doctors Office

It's check-up time again for Jimmy. Babies go to the doctor all the time! This was his 18 month check-up. Unfortunately, the big kids didn't have school this Monday, so they all came too! That's always fun.

Here's Jacob, munching on his snack on the way to the Doctor. Fig Newtons are yummy!

Here's Tom. His new thing is avoidance of pictures. He's realized that whenever I snap a picture of him, it will be on the Blog. For some reason, this disturbs him. Come on Tom. Who wouldn't want to be on my Blog!

Here's Eme, sitting in the back with Jacob. Do your kids have assigned seats? Or did you growning up? Our kids do. I remember as a kid, we always wanted to sit in the front seat. My mom would sit in the back so that we could sit in the front. OK Mom, that's kinda weird. You should have sat up front with Dad :)

Here's Joe, wearing his winter coat. And why, do you ask? Because it was only 35 degrees outside. Nice. I thought it was spring!

Here's Jim, trying to eat his snack. I guess I didn't realize that if I didn't take it out of the baggie, that he would just eat it through the baggie. Nice Jimmy.

And we're finally at the Doctors office. It's about 13 mintues away from our house. We were very late this day. We dropped Brent off at the Saturn dealer to get our car back (it was being looked at while we were in St. Louis for the weekend). We were about 20 mintues late, but still had to wait another 30 to get in to see the Doctor. Here's Tom, once again avoiding the camera.

Jacob reading a book to Joe. What a nice big brother.

And then we finally get called into the room. I leave Jacob and Tom in the waiting room to read their books, and take Joe, Jim and Eme with me. Isn't Eme cute. Too bad she has messy hair!

This toy was a hit! The kids took turns playing with it. Sharing is not always easy :)

Joe is intently taking his turn.

And here's Jimmy, waiting on the table.

OK, you can't tell me that you don't do this too! Stand on the table and crawl around. You know you do :)