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Friday, April 06, 2007

Stopping for Gas at DIXIE

About half way between St. Louis and Chicago is a truck stop called Dixie. We stop there every time we go back and forth between the Uncles house. This time, we went to the McDonalds at the gas station. The kids all picked Ice Cream (except Tom, who wanted a burger). They had fun, and got to go to the bathroom and stretch their legs! Then, it was back in the car and on the road.Here's Tom, he finished his burger before I could get a pic of him and his food.

Here's us. Notice I didn't get a snack. Stupid diet!

Joe Joe and his ice cream. I don't think these are really my kids. They like PLAIN ice cream. What's up with that. Where's the hot fudge, or the caramel, or at least strawberries. They really can't be my kids!

Here's Jacob, making short order of his ice cream. This particular McDonalds had a video game console in the front. He was eating fast so he could play the game. Video game junky!

Eme is so cute, even when she's eating :)


Madison McShinsky said...

I like my icecream plain too! I order it plain like that at mcdonalds.

Madison McShinsky said...

Is your jean jacket from Old Navy? It looks alot like mine that is from there.

a said...

Yep, it's from Old Navy. Brent, I, Jacob, Tom, Eme, and Joe all got one from Old Navy. Brent got a gift certificate from there, plus his supervisor did too, and gave us his. So, we had $200 to spend at old navy. We got the jackets, brent got jeans, and I got a shirt and long sunday black coat. $200 goes pretty fast!

Madison McShinsky said...

ya i know what ya mean! I got 2 pairs of jeans, and Ella got 2 swim suits and it was $70! That is why we usually shop DI!