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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I saw these on my sisters site, and thought that they were so cool, that I'd try it myself. I must say, I couldn't find many signs with my name on it. It's not a name that you see everyday. But it's a Bible College, and a town in Illinois (didn't know that). So I guess you do learn something everyday!

And here's Thomas'. His was a little easier. But then, it's a very common name. Pretty neat, eh? I'll try and do the others as I have time :)

(this is from Jim when I went to check the door)mmm 9ombbbv5/uj ikiolo"']l'[l'[\\\\

OK, so this one is kinda lame, but hey, Brent is not that common of a name to be put on a sign. I was lucky to find these 6!


Nathaniel said...

I tried to find a sign with my name on it. Not so much. One time I found and Irish pub named Harty's though.

a said...

What about the Harty street sign that your dad, brent and lewis were standing in front of?

Nathaniel said...

Yeah, there's that too.