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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Rachel's New Hat

While in St. Louis for the weekend, my niece Rachel told me that she thought that the Civil War stuff that our family does is really neat, and that she's into that kind of stuff too. I told her that I'd make her a bonnet. She thought that was really neat. So Rachel, here's your bonnet. Isn't it pretty. Becca and Elizabeth, post a comment and let me know if you want one too! Then I'll send them all together if you all want one. Otherwise, I'll just send Rachel's to her. Thanks girls!


Anonymous said...

Rachel loves her hat! The other girls want one too. They think they are cool!

a said...

Ok, 2 more hats, coming up! :)

a said...

OK girls, the hats are in the mail tonight, and the mail lady should pick it up tomorrow. It should take.... well, I don't know how long it should take. How ever long mail takes these days :)

Madison McShinsky said...

I had a hat like that once..i think we made it in young womens

a said...

It's just like our civil war ones, but it's out of a printed fabric. They turned out really good. I made 3 this afternoon and sent them off to the girls. I'm so nice :)

Anonymous said...

love you bethany your my bud