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Monday, April 09, 2007

Movies I've Watched Recently

I really liked this one a lot. It was funny, and for kids, but still great for grown-ups too. And Ben Stiller is hysterical! I'm buying this one when it comes out!

This one was OK. I liked it a lot better than My Super Ex-Girlfriend (see below), but it was a little racey in spots. I like both Kate Husdon and Owen Wilson. It was all right.

This was really good. Watched this one with Brent, and we both enjoyed it. I'm usually not much for the Kung Fo movies, but this one was good. It had enough plot and emotion to win me over! Definitely I would recommend it to others :)

To be honest, I didn't watch the whole thing. I started it here with the kids, and had to do something more important. Then, I saw pieces at Lewis and Mary's house, but went in the other room with the grown ups. What I saw was good, as good as a straight to video cartoon can be. It was ok.

OK, I like scary movies. But only if I am watching them with Brent. I started this one without him, and was so glad when he got home 1/2 way through. I made him come sit close so I could snuggle when it got scary!!!!! I don't know why I do that to myself. Scares the crap out of me :)

LOVED this movie! I must say though, that I like Will Smith. He really did a good job in this movie. I even cried at the end. Sob, sob, sob. And it was based on a true story, which makes it all the nicer.

OK, this movie will not be going to the top of my list. Sorry to those of you who enjoyed this one, but I didn't. I thought it was dirty, and didn't like the "sex" talk. It was mildly amusing, but I am almost embarrassed the let you all know that I watched it.


Nathaniel said...

I can't say enough good things about Fearless or the director's cut of the film. Awesomeness.

Madison McShinsky said...

I've seen a few of super ex girlfriend i fell asleep, same with you me and dupree, and i thought night at the museum was pretty good..the only movie i've seen recently that i've watched the whole thing was the holiday and i LOVE that movie!