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Saturday, April 14, 2007

More Encampment Pictures

A cannon from the 1st Mississippi Artillery (I think). It was loud and very cool!

When not in use, this is how the guys keep their guns when at an event. Pretty neat, eh?

Captain Paul

When visitors came to camp, the first thing they asked is "What's cooking". Who knew that food was such a big conservation tool! It was so cold today, that we were very grateful for the warm lunch!
Here's Rich, our cook. Boy does he cook good food! The meat in the stew was PERFECT! Thanks so much Rich!

Here's a guy from a different unit. Many in our group seemed to know him, but I never did catch his name. Tom thought it was General Lee, and kept calling him that. But it wasn't General Lee :)

Here's a picture of Rich again.


Madison McShinsky said...

Where was this? Is it like the thing we went to that one time? Now your just the people with the tents instead of the visitors?

a said...

Yep, we're the "people with the tents". This was not a battle though. Just where people could walk through the camp and talk. It's called a living history. It was at the library.