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Monday, April 02, 2007

Jacob's Bluetooth

Doesn't it look like Jacob is wearing a Bluetooth! I thought it was so funny. It's a light that we got out of the cereal box. He got his this morning. See, I bought 4 boxes of cereal, and there was 1 light in each box. Eme got the 1st boxes prize, and Joe got the 2nd boxes prize. Jacob finally got his prize today. That just leaves Tom. He'll get his when we finish off this current box of cereal. Anyway, I just thought it was funny that Jake was wearing it around.


Madison McShinsky said...

Ha, Joe has one of those...he uses it when he works in his "server room" (the hotwater heater closet!) ha

Anonymous said...

That's a hillarious pic...what a dork! I guess that can be said of all nine year old boys though!

Nathaniel said...

Kind of reminds me of an episode of Doctor Who during which humanity's love of technology leads to their downfall. Everyone is wearing bluetooth like devices, one in each ear, and it was a devious scheme by the inventory to turn the people into cyborgs. If Jacob had another in his other ear, he would be set.

Madison McShinsky said...

Mom said you thought Joe had a real bluetooth talker thing...he just has a light one like jacobs..I have a real's pink..I don't really know how to use it though..i can't get it to turn on...dont you love electronics!

a said...

A light like jacobs from the cereal box? Those things don't put out a lot of light. Maybe his is a real light :)