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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Have You Seen This Kid?

Tom: Hey Mom, will you hold my basket for me?

Bethany: Sure Tom, I don't have anything else to hold!!?!!!

Brent: Lets just go, these lines are too long.

Bethany: Sounds good to me, let's move out, kids!

(3 minutes later, outside the egg hunt area)

Bethany: Do we have everyone? Jacob, Eme, Joe, Jim, Rachel, Becca, Elizabeth, Andrew, Tom? Tom? Anyone seen Tom?

Brent: I'll go look for him.

(5 minutes later)

Brent: Found him!

(Tom went to the bouncy castle, and was waiting in line. Then, when he realized he was missing, he back tracked, looking for the group. He forgot that he was supposed to stand still if he got separated. Hopefully next time, he'll remember!)

Last picture taken on Thomas Harty before he went missing :)


Nathaniel said...

While I was reading the last couple of sentences, I had the Dragnet theme start playing in my head.

Lyn said...

good thing you found him! i would have been a little miffed if he had gone home with someone else! ha