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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Grandma Ida's Easter Dollar Trip

Grandma Ida sent us an Easter card this year, with a dollar for each kid in it. We decided to go to the Dollar Tree tonight, and let the kids spend their "loot"! I let them each choose whatever they wanted. They were so excited.

Jacob chose a stuffed animal, a puppy.

Sorry about the blurry picture, but if you know Jim, you'll know why. He wouldn't stand still, and it was an hour after bedtime. He got a tube of M&M's, with an easter bunny on the top. That's whats in his mouth, the lid to the tube.

Tom had $2.00. He had an extra dollar from the tooth fairy. He'd lost his tooth quite a long time ago, and never got his dollar. Then, the tooth got thrown away, and still no dollar. On the way to the Dollar Tree, I told Tom that the Tooth Fairy had left his dollar upstairs, and I'd just forgot to tell him. Quick thinking, eh?!

Eme got fruit snacks. She was excited to have a big bag of candy all to herself!

Joe Joe also got fruit snacks. He and Eme are like peas in a pod! He was being goofy and wouldn't be serious. At least he held still for the picture!


Nathaniel said...

I'm with Eme and Joe. Fruit snacks are awesome.

a said...

Yah, me too! They're tasty. Although, I may have chosen the chocolate peanut butter cups. Those are tasty.