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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Curses on the Weather!

So I wake up this morning, and look out the window. Sounds like a song..... I looked out the window, and what did I see?

Oh wait. That wasn't me. That was my sister in Utah. No, I definately didn't see "popcorn" popping on the apricot tree. This is what I saw......

Snow. Wet. Wind. Rain. Hail. Lovely. Happy spring morning to me. So let me review. My sister in Utah.

Me here in Frozen Winter Joliet.


Most definately not spring. Not under any circumstances. Not that I'm bitter or anything!


Anonymous said...

Yah, this is what you get when you have to live in Northern Illinois! Hopefully this is the last "spring" that we have to endure.

Madison McShinsky said...

Mom said there was an opening in Portland..that would be way fun! We are thinking of moving to that area in a year or so when Joe is done with school.

a said...

Wouldn't that be cool! Brent's old boss Ryan also wants us to move to San Fransisco with him. Either way, that's west coast at least.

But really, I don't care where we go. But I would like more summer, spring, fall, and less winter :)

Madison McShinsky said...

We are thinking either Washington or Oregon, I don't like Cali too much..but that would be much closer for you! That would be soo fun!

Anonymous said...

jelous bethany