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Friday, May 11, 2007

Summer Blankets

I was reading on someones blog the other day, how they were making summer blankets for their kids. I thought that was such a great idea. It's too hot here for real quilts, and we don't have that many "non warm" blankets, so I decided to make my own summer blankets

This is Eme's blanket. A while back when we were at Wal-mart, we found a bit of remnant My Little Pony fabric. Not quite enough to do anything with, but it was fun for her. I made it into 3 big squares for the middle, then took some cheap fabric that I had and made a nice little quilt for her. She loved it! The teal was a bunch of fabric from the thrift store, for about 50 cents. Pretty neat, eh?

After making one for Eme, and seeing how much she liked it, I had to do the same of the others. Joe picked John Deere. I found dollar fabric at wal-mart for the other color, the green. It's slightly fuzzy. The white is an old muslin sheet from the thrift store. The back is left over gray felt from last year. Yeah for me!

Look how happy it made my Joe Joe!