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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Happy Suprise

I'm sure that all of you out there who have ever been to my house, or have even looked at my blog on a regular basis, know that my carpet is a disaster. Harty children are not kind on white carpet. Yep. Real genius, the guy who decided to do that. Sure genius. That's just what every mom wants. Especially mom's of boys!

Anyway, it was totally dead. I don't know when we decided it was totally finished off though. It was either the chocolate syrup, the bottle of windex, or the 3 waterbottles, right in a row. Take your pick. So, today, Brent and I pulled out all the carpet in 1 room. Worse case, we replace the carpet with more carpet. Best case, we resand the floors.

Well, luck was on our side. The floor just needed a good sanding, and restaining, and refinishing! I love hardwood. I've taken some pics of what we found. The yahoos who flipped our house didn't even lay down a drop cloth. White paint everywhere. Nice.

See how pretty it will look when sanding! This is the section that Brent sanded. The paint came off very nicely. We also had to go around and pull out staples all over the floor. Nightmare for bare feet! I think I got the last of them though. I'm headed off to bed, and Brent is still downstairs sanding. Bless his heart! I was so pleased with our find!


Nathaniel said...

Why anyone would prefer carpet to wood is beyond me.

Nathaniel said...

I found another site that has Doctor Who episodes including the new episodes from season 3! You can watch them here:

The site also has a very few of the original series episodes, although I would recommend watching the 4th or 7th Doctors episodes first so as to not leave a sour taste, but they only have a couple of the 4th Doctor and none of the 7th.

Still, pretty cool.

a said...

Yeah! More Dr. Who. I've only watched 2 or 3 episodes in season 3 so far. We've seemed to get busy all of a sudden. I'll get around to it eventually :)

I'm sold on Tennant as Dr. Who. And I'm getting used to "Martha Jones" as well. They seem to do well together.

Chris & Stephanie said...

This is awesome! I love hard wood floors! It's going to look amazing!

Lyn said...

I guess you should have been watching more HGTV and less Dr Who and you would have had a sense for those floors under there!!! HAAAA

Unknown said...

Haha, nice.

Yeah, I think Tennant and Ageyeman are the best in their respective roles so far. Season 3 has been pretty good so far, but I am looking forward to the return of Captain Jack.

Mr. Matt said...

It looks great. If Brent needs help with the floor please call me.
I would take hard wood over carpet anyday.

a said...

Hey, Don't knock Dr. Who! hehehe.

I tried to sand some tonight, but apparently I'm "sander incompetent". I need to have brent show me how to work that thing :)

Stolmit said...

I live in NYC and most apartments have hardwood floors. I prefer it to wall-to-wall carpeting. Think you've done a great job and will be the envy of everyone out there in Illinois.

Thought I'd stop by and check out your site today. Just poking around because it's so hot outside. Gotta wait for the sun to go down. City life can get pretty hot. Thanks for the visit.