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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Cleaning the Floor

So I moped the floor the other day, and got it all shiney and clean. Brent comes down stairs, and decides that it's time to defrost the freezer. So he gets out his hammer, and chips away. Good bye nice clean floor. Oh well. It was clean for a few minutes......

And then, you know that when you mop the kitchen, you have to move out the chairs. Well, the kids decided to make a 'train' out of them, with every blanket they could find in the house. So now I had a mess in 2 rooms. Why do I clean?

They did have a lot of fun though!


Madison McShinsky said...

ha, thats a fun train! I remember making forts like that too..well not quite as long, I don't think Mom would have ever allowed that! ha

Lyn said...

You room was a fort! HA And it was longer than that! well, wider!

a said...

I didn't know about the blankets until it was too late, and by that point, what the heck? Might as well let them continue with their fun.