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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My 5 Kids

So after my last post, I decided to see what all of my kids looked like at the same age. In each of these pictures, the kids are around 18 months old. Aren't they cute?!!!!


Chris & Stephanie said...

This is a great idea! It makes me want to do the same thing!

I love that Thomas is holding a little picture of Grandma Lyn! hehe

a said...

I remember when he used to do that! It was a phase for about a month. Grandma Lyn came with us EVERYWHERE. So funny :)

Lyn said...

Its not a phase, that boy just knows who he likes! He is a little me! HA

Joe McShinsky said...

(This is Maddie, we're at the airport in Reno (had to switch flights at the last second!!) on free wifi! ha)Jake looks older then the other kids! What cute babies!! I'm way excited for Ella to get that old!!1

a said...

I'm so jealous that you and joe and ella are going home for a visit! Lucky you guys :)

Thats funny about Joe looking older. I thought that Jim looked older.

And I thought that Joe and Tom looked very similar.