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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A Few More Park Pictures

Here's a few more pictures from the Cub Scout activity last Saturday. Kids sure do like parks, eh?


Lisa said...

You have very cute kids! :) I can't believe you actually have 5!! You are very brave. When I first got married I wanted 6 kids... then I had Kyle and I changed my mind! He has got to be the busiest boy ever! He is constantly going non-stop until nap time, then right back up and going until bed time!! He makes me laugh like crazy, but he definetly makes you tired!! We are haveing more for sure, but I really doubt I will make it to 6! You are a strong women! : )

a said...

When you have more than one, they play with each other. That's the trick. Instant playmate!

My kids have lots of choices of playmates now! And the older ones are big enough to help out with the little-er ones. It's a great system :)