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Friday, May 04, 2007

Our Woodchuck

Honestly, we wish we didn't have a woodchuck, but alas, we do. He used to live under the back room of our house, but I think we barricaded it good enough to keep him out. He likes to eat Brent's trees that he planted in the backyard, and is constantly 'taunting' Brent. It's like he wants to get shot or something.

So yesterday, while cleaning the kids' room, we saw the little fellow in the back yard, up the hill. I ran for the camera, and got these good pics of him before he noticed us spying on him. The big kids wanted to get the BB gun and shoot him, but I said no. Aren't I a good mom!

That reminds me of a funny story a few months back. We were loaded up in the truck as a family, and going somewhere. Can't remember where. Anyway, we'd just pulled out of the driveway, and were heading up Stevens Ave, when all of a sudden, Brent gunned the gas, and swerved towards the trains. I had no idea what was happening, and freaked out. He was trying to run over his nemesis, the Woodchuck. Well, the woodchuck escaped his close call with the truck, and lived to taunt Brent another day.


Madison McShinsky said...

I hope you used the zoom and weren't really that close!

a said...

No, the zoom is great! I tapped on the window, and he jetted. He's such a chicken. But then, Brent has repeatedly tried to shoot and run over him. I'd be jumpy too!

Anonymous said...

He is a cute woodchuck, but if I can another shot him, I will! If he just ate all the weeds instead of trying to eat the small bit of vegetation around our property that looks good, I wouldn't mind. And all the holes in the yard, that is not good either!

Anonymous said...

Madi, he is just a big rat with a bushy, stubby tail. He is a herbivore, and wouldn't even bit or claw you...unless one somehow managed to pick him up. Totally harmless to people.

a said...

Curses on the Woodchuck!

Madison McShinsky said...

There was a dead mouse in my laundry room and I wouldn't go in the room until it was taken away! And that was a tiny mouse! Doesn't have anything to do with hurting me! Ha