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Sunday, May 06, 2007

My Poor Toe!

While camping this weekend, Jacob and I were trying to move a picnic table. I, being the grown-up, was walking backwards. Of course, I didn't see the huge water jugs right behind me, and tripped. My toe was killing me when I got up, but I shook it off, and continued to move the table. That was before breakfast. It was hurting most of the day, so finally at dinner time, I took off my shoe to have a look. It was purple! Nasty bruise, eh?


Madison McShinsky said...

OUCH! Hey your foot looks a bit like mine!

a said...

Similar genes, eh?

Chris & Stephanie said...

Yikes! That hurts me to look at! I hope it gets better soon - your toe and Brent's nose, what a pair! ;o)

a said...

It looks even worse now. The brusing spread into my foot. Poor me. It doesn't really hurt, cause it's kinda numb. A lady at church thought that I may have broken it. Nice.

Someone was teasing brent that I's hit him, and I said, yah, but he stepped on my foot! We're quite the pair.