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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Tom at the Campout

After reviewing my pictures from the campout, I realized that I had a lot more pics of the little kids, but not so many of the big kids. They were out and about playing so much, and not hanging out near the campfire. When they were near, adults found jobs for them to do. They're not dumb kids :)

Here's Tom and Chaim, posing with their 'guns'. These 2 are both 1st graders and Tiger Cubs!

OK, so it may look like Toms not in this picture on first glance, but cheek out how Brent has 3 legs, and one of those legs is wearing jeans. Bingo! That's Tom. Work with me people! I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel for big kid pictures!

And Tom, checking out the fire on Saturday morning. Did I mention that they got up at 5:30am! My dad would be proud!

And Tom on Friday night! At first, I couldn't figure out why the kids were all wet in these pictures. Then, I realized that it was from Friday evening, and it was sprinkling that night. We had nice weather on Saturday, and even sun. Reminded me of Oregon coast camping! I felt right at home!


Anonymous said...

Yep, it was typical Oregon Coast and misty rain!

Madison McShinsky said...

Tom looks way older then that other boy! They are the same age?

a said...

Yep, but Chaim is Hispanic, and they tend to be little guys. Plus, Tom is a Harty, and we're bigger people. These Midwesterners are short-ies!

CSA Brent said...

Tell Bethany that I really like her website too! She puts up beautiful pictures of your beautiful children, my outstanding grand children, and her comments are always great, very entertaining. You guys are so talented and wonderful.
Thanks to both of you for making my days, as Clint Eastwood said. Ha!

Paul Harty

CSA Brent said...

By the way, I'm a Midwesterner, as are almost all Hartys. So the lack of size comes from being foreigner, not a Midwesterner!!

Hispanic, Polish, Russian, etc, etc... none from the Midwest...they just happen to live here now!!