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Friday, May 25, 2007

On a Walk

Here are a few pics from our morning walk. I dropped the kids off at school, then came back home and picked up Brent, Joe, Jim, and Eme. We went back to the big kids school to give Jacob his homework book (nice) and for Brent to talk with the principal about a Cub Scout meeting, then we were off to our walk.

Here's a few shots of Jim and Joe in the stroller. Is it just me, or does Jim's head look just as big as Joes? Wonder where he gets that from!

Here's the trail head for our walk. Its really a nice trail. Lots of bike riders.

Here's Brent and Eme, working on her bike. She doesn't really need training wheels, but doesn't know that she doesn't. When she rides, she doesn't even use them. We're taking them off her bike tomorrow. Hopefully she doesn't wreck! This is the earliest any Harty kid has learned to ride their bike. Jacob was 8!, Tom was 6, and here's Eme, only 5. Way to go, girl!


The McCullough Family said...

Camp Baker T-shirt!!!

You guys ROCK!