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Sunday, May 27, 2007

100 More Factoids About Me

  1. I like cookie dough better than cookies.
  2. I named all of my children “old fashioned” names.
  3. I only like bananas if they are very fresh (no squishy bananas for me!)
  4. I don’t like it when the trees are bare in winter.
  5. I love sledding.
  6. I enjoy sewing.
  7. I’m learning to crochet.
  8. The only bone I’ve ever broken is my pinkie toe, and I’m not 100% sure it’s broken.
  9. My house was built in 1894.
  10. I like to turn all the lights on in whatever room I’m in. I love the light.
  11. I used to be afraid of our hallway growing up.
  12. We used to watch the bears in the dump in Alaska (while we were looking for “treasures”)
  13. I don’t do baseball hats.
  14. I have a big head.
  15. I have small teeth.
  16. I love mirrors.
  17. I love having my picture taken.
  18. I love taking pictures.
  19. I have 4 blogs that I work on.
  20. I don’t like to use big spoons.
  21. If I could, I would have a clock in every room of my house.
  22. I invented “Lenny the Leprechaun”, who turns things green on St. Patrick’s day for my kids.
  23. I like the water.
  24. I’ve swam in the northern Pacific Ocean (the cold part).
  25. I hate cleaning.
  26. I make my kids do chores.
  27. My parents didn’t make me do chores.
  28. I can be kind of mean.
  29. I enjoy cooking and baking.
  30. I installed all of the ceiling fans in my house.
  31. I’m handy.
  32. I don’t like spiders.
  33. I don’t like squishing carpenter ants.
  34. I made the curtains in my house.
  35. I call my husband on our cell phones from the driveway to have him help me with my groceries.
  36. I call my husband on our cell phones from the kitchen when he’s just upstairs to tell him things.
  37. I don’t drink enough water.
  38. I don’t drink sugar drinks.
  39. I’ve moved 10 times since I was married 10 years ago.
  40. My friend has the same wedding anniversary as I do, just 1 year later (June 14th).
  41. My grandma, my brother, and my niece all have the same birthday (May 2nd).
  42. I love candles.
  43. I sleep on my stomach (yah, try being pregnant and sleeping on your stomach when your pregnant).
  44. I currently have 3 callings at church (RS chorister, Activities chair, YW camp director).
  45. I started wearing glasses when I was in 2nd grade.
  46. I started wearing contacts when I was in 7th grade.
  47. I got my ears pierced when I was in the 6th grade.
  48. We don’t have a land line.
  49. I wish I could be rude to telemarketers, but I don’t have it in me.
  50. My grandfather and my uncle were stock car drivers, and volunteer firemen.
  51. I’m a civil war reenactor.
  52. I have a friend who lives in Kodiak Alaska.
  53. I get car sick if I don’t sit in the front, and don’t watch where I’m going.
  54. I like to eat grapefruits without sugar.
  55. Sometimes I eat them like an orange.
  56. I don’t mind snakes.
  57. I’m intrigued by fire flies (they didn’t have them in the Pacific Northwest).
  58. I like earrings.
  59. My major in college was Speech Language Pathology, but I switched it to Sociology.
  60. I attend BYU for 2 ½ semesters.
  61. I was offered a scholarship to go to Ricks College before it became BYU Idaho.
  62. I had my first date when I was 16.
  63. I was married when I was 20.
  64. I had my first child when I was 21.
  65. I had my last child when I was 29.
  66. One of my favorite shirts is an Alaska shirt that my mom had when she was my age.
  67. I love the smell of gasoline.
  68. I love watching movies.
  69. I get headaches when I go to a movie theater.
  70. I love jumping in puddles.
  71. I count my steps when I go up or down stairs.
  72. I like peanut butter on both sides of my sandwich when having a PJB.
  73. I have unwanted lip hair, which I shave (I’m sure you’re all glad for that!).
  74. I enjoy fresh flowers.
  75. I was born in 1975.
  76. I like country music.
  77. I like Rascall Flats (they’re fun to sing along with).
  78. I call them Rascall Flatch.
  79. I don’t like to be touched when I’m sleeping.
  80. I don’t let kids sleep in my bed.
  81. I made my kids sleep through the night after 6 months age (no more night feedings).
  82. Out of a total 7 classes a year offered in high school, I took 9 (including before school jazz band and seminary)
  83. I once found a band-aid in a piece of gum.
  84. In high school, I learned to type on a typewriter (they got computers the 2nd semester).
  85. I played the Tenor Sax in Jazz band in High School.
  86. Our mascot was the Viking.
  87. I love reading.
  88. I sometimes hide from my kids.
  89. They always find me.
  90. I was on the Quiz Bowl team my senior year of high school.
  91. I dated a Junior when I was a Senior.
  92. I’ve been to coastal states on the West and East coasts.
  93. I love thunder storms.
  94. I graduated in 1994.
  95. I never took a study hall in high school.
  96. I have my kids drink applesauce out of the jar with straws.
  97. I try not to put too much salt on my food.
  98. I like my steak medium rare (more on the rare side).
  99. I’ve helped skin a deer.
  100. I graduated with 11 more credits than I need in High School.


Stephen said...

Wow, long list. I thought with 5 kids you would have learned that they come with parental radar. They can find you whenever they need you. Question is can you find them.