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Monday, May 21, 2007

Old Fashioned Pictures


Chris & Stephanie said...

I LOVE the black and white! Did you do these, or was it a special film?

a said...

We do everything digital. No more film for us. Then, I use Photoshop. I have the real version, and a "home version" that they've since discontinued. It doesn't work so well anymore, and errors all the time, but I love it. I can take a photo, make it black and white, tint in brown, add noise, and blur, and ta-da! Old fashioned picture!

Chris & Stephanie said...

That is so cool! Sadly, I have Photoshop, I just don't know how to use it!

a said...

I don't know how to use the real one either. It's so complicated. I think they offer a class at college, just to teach you how to use the program!