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Monday, May 21, 2007

Where Did You Sleep?

Yes, I know. We slept in tents without ends! Right next to the road in downtown Naperville. Crazy, yes. But it was so much fun. We took wool blankets, and threw them over then ends. We didn't quite have enough to cover all the ends, so we used the kids wool ponchos. Someone let us borrow one of their blankets. Between all that, there was just enough for everyone. It wasn't too bad of a nights sleep. We made ground covers out of a tarp, with a canvas drop cloth glued and taped to it. Tricky, eh?

We bought one of the tents, then made the other 2. Aren't we handy?


Madison McShinsky said...

I don't think I could have slept in a tent like that! You're a much better camper then me!! Where did you change?

a said...

The first day, I dressed in the tent. With wool blankets on the ends. Yah, it was a bit awkward. The next day, I changed in the handicap portapotty. That was fun :)