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Saturday, May 26, 2007

100 Factoids About Myself

1) I'm in the 1st half of my 30s.
2) I have one younger sister and one younger brother.
3) I've been married for nearly 11 years.
4) I have a daughter who is coming up on 6.
5) I was born on the Oregon coast, as were both my parents.
6) I have a sons who are coming up on 2, 4, 8, and 10.
7) I'm almost 5'8" tall.
8) My nose has a slight bump.
9) I started to go gray at 21.
10) I have a large mole on my nose, and near my eyebrow.

11) I'm not allergic to cats, but my husband is.
12) I use my toes to pick thing up, like a monkey. You all wish you could too, I know!.
13) I had natural childbirth 5 times, and no drugs 4 times.
14) I went to public schools and my children are doing the same.
15) I had my first boyfriend in 6th grade (we held hands in the hall!)
16) I started playing the clarinet in the 6th grade.
17) I was always an overachiever, probably why I have 5 children.
18) I got my worst grade ever in college human anatomy (D).
19) I received my first computer as a high school graduation present.
20) I lived in Alaska from age 3 to age 8.

21) My first job was a motel maid.
22) My shortest job was dishwasher at the MTC. It lasted 1 day.
23) I've worked as a stay-at-home mom ever since my kids were born.
24) I mostly like my job.
25) I don’t have a pet. I would like a cat, but see #11.
26) If I had to get a job outside the home, I wouldn’t mind preparing taxes, or being a bus driver. Nutritionist also sounds fun..
27) I was on my high school track team during my junior and senior years of high school, but only to improve my resume.
28) My husband and I enjoy walking.
29) I lost 55 lbs after my 3rd child was born.
30) I don’t do nail polish on my fingers.

31) I had 2 sets of earrings in my ears as a youth, but took out the 2nd set.
32) I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
33) I struggle with reading the scriptures daily, but have been on a streak for the last 2 months.
34) I vote Republican.
35) I had my first church calling at the age of 16, as Primary music chorister.
36) I support President Bush and the war in Iraq.
37) My mom took my picture the first time I got to vote for president, right outside the polling place.
38) I am conservative, but always seem to live in a liberal state.
39) I ALWAYS wear my seatbelt.
40) I don’t do favorite colors.

41) My favorite current TV show is Jericho
42) I don’t watch rated R movies.
43) My favorite season is Spring.
44) My favorite thing to put on a hot dog is Miracle Whip.
45) My favorite calling was in Nursery.
46) My favorite sport to watch is football.
47) My favorite sport to play is ping pong…..wait, is that a sport?
48) My favorite soda is A&W Root Beer, diet.
49) Growing up, I said Pop, but now I say Soda.
50) I got lost going from Plano, Illinois to Joliet, Illinois.

51) I cannot eat egg whites, they gag me.
52) I don’t iron my husbands clothes.
53) I didn’t know how to use the washing machine when I went to college.
54) I’ve never tried alcohol or cigarettes.
55) I enjoy sewing.
56) I have friends who home school, but I do enjoy my kids in public school.
57) I prefer Coke over Pepsi.
58) My husband is neat, and I’m messy.
59) I suck at all sports involving a ball, because I’m afraid that I’ll get hit in the face.
60) I have a hard time staying up late at night.

61) I am the only member of my immediate family who does not have health insurance..
62) I am not squeamish at the sight of blood.
63) I learned to count to 10 in Tlinget (Alaskan Indian Tribe) as a child, and can still do it.
64) I love board games.
65) I don’t do spelling.
66) While I love being on-time, I married a man who doesn’t seem to know how.
67) I can’t juggle.
68) My partner and I were the 7th grade ping pong champions.
69) I love food.
70) I don’t do spicy.

71) When eating broccoli, it need to be overly cooked.
72) Milk chocolate is my weakness.
73) I’ve been on some sort of diet all of my adult life.
74) I wish that food wasn’t my coping mechanism.
75) I hate talking on the phone, except to my close friends.
76) I love science fiction.
77) I love Harry Potter books.
78) I love scary movies and romantic comedies.
79) I can't stand TV news programs.
80) I look at my blog obsessively.

81) I have been told that I look like I should weigh less.
82) I can easily disguise my emotions.
83) I shook hands with Thomas S. Monson.
84) I like to pick at zits and scabs.
85) Sometimes I go too long without showering..
86) Sometimes I forget to put on deodorant, but I don’t stink……do I?
87) When I drive, I like a large cushion between myself and the guy in front of me.
88) I still claim to be from the Pacific Northwest.
89) I wear socks with sandals.
90) Pregnant pauses in conversation make me very uncomfortable.

91) I’ve been known to cut my own hair.
92) I cut my children’s hair.
93) I’m very thrifty.
94) I enjoy thrift shops.
95) I drive an old Suburban.
96) I’m doing most of the same parenting things that I mentally criticized my friend for doing when I was much younger.
97) I didn't get my license until I was 18.
98) I enjoy 3-6 month olds to newborns.
99) I never drove the truck we owned when I first got married.
100) I’m really a pretty nice person.


Bijoy said...

Cool blog, i just randomly surfed in, but it sure was worth my time, will be back

Deep Regards from the other side of the Moon

Biby Cletus

Anonymous said...

The late thing? That's an unfortunate Harty-wide trait, methinks ;)

a said...

Oh good. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has to deal with it :)

Anonymous said...

Rest assured, you're not the only one...sighs.