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Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day

It was a fun day, but a long one. I woke up at 6am, checked my blogs (and friends blogs), read my scriptures, and headed out to the store. Joe came with me. We needed meat to grill at the picnic. Also, I had to get the paper products from the church. I forgot to pick them up yesterday while we were there. Silly me.

It was about 8ish when I got home. I had time to make pasta salad and take a shower. We got the kids ready, and about 10:00, were ready to head to the picnic. It started at 11am. So, I started packing things into the truck. The kids were playing around outside. Brent was upstairs writing his Memorial Day thing.

As I was loading the truck, Tom yells down that Eme's bleeding. Thinking it was nothing, I tell him that it's fine, and that I'll look at it later. Well, about 3 mintues later, I come up and take a look. It's pretty bad. There's a lot of blood, and it's a little gaping. Nice. Just what I need. Brent comes down and takes a look. He says that it looks fine, and to just get a band-aid. I think it looks worse, and needs stitches. There was a little tension there :)

So, we decided not to take here to the ER, and just go to the picnic. We're there at about 10:30. We get the tables moved around, and the stuff unloaded from the truck. Everyone starts arriving about 11:10. A little late, but better late than never. Brother and Sister Simco come about that time too. Or a little earlier.

Anyway, she works at the hospital, so I have her look at Eme's cut. She says it looks ok, but that it needs cleaned out better. She loads Eme up in her van, and goes to her house to fix it. She comes back with a cleaner wound, and a butterfly bandage, and ace bandage wrap. She's good for the rest of the picnic.

By 11:30, there are quite a few people there. We have our Flag Ceremony, and remembrance thing for those who served and died in wars. Brent really did a great job. It was wonderful!

We started cooking the meat at about 11:45, and people were eating and having fun. There were probably about 100 people there. About 23 families. Lots of food. 2 sisters in the ward were in charge of bring games and activities. Others just brought things to do also. There were tons of activities.

The water balloons were a bunch of fun. Brother Dodd walked around and was the "water" patrol. He took it upon himself to get people wet who he thought were not wet enough. It was pretty funny, because he kept getting Brent, who hates the water. Made me laugh!

The picnic died down around 3:00. We cleaned up, and headed for home. We brought the Dodd's boy Nathan with us. His mom was gonna come and pick him up after she went visit teaching.

When we got home, I made Eme soak in a bath, and tried to clean out her wound a little better. It wasn't working so well. It was pretty dirty. I got out a q-tip, and dug for a while. Still no luck. It was pretty nasty, and opened quite a bit. I decided that I was going to take her to the ER.

We got there at 4pm, and by 5:30, she had had an xray, the wound was cleaned, numbed, stitched (4), bandaged, and we were ready to go. The longest part was waiting for the discharge papers. We were home by 6:00.

Our home teacher, Aaron Lopez was there when we got home (with his 2 yr old daughter, Rebecca). After his brief lesson, he and Brent loaded up our trailer, and headed up the hill to collect the fallen branches from the neighbor up the hill. They stayed out there and chatted with the neighbor for quite some time. They seemed like nice people.

Then, they were gonna start a bonfire. Aaron went home to collect his wife Ashley and other child. They came back for the bonfire. It was quite fun. We put the kids to be at 9pm, and the Lopez stayed and chatted until 10pm. It was a lot of fun to have company (I just wish my house was a little cleaner :)

So now I'm posting and checking email. Things are good at the Harty home. Busy, but good!


Maddie said...

Poor Eme! Do you know what happened? I'm glad you had a fun Memorial Day! We watched Joe's family do yard work..ha!

Chris & Stephanie said...

Wow, what a day! So, where did Eme get cut?

Mr. Matt said...

So bethany, you got to the hospital at 4pm and the x-ray happened at 5:30 so how could you get back from the hospital at 4. Does this make much sense to you. Just wondering what time you really got home. Also, how is Eme doing and tell the rest of the family I said Hi, and I hope they are all doing well.


a said...

Eme told the ER dr that she fell on hard dirt. Well, that is an acurate description of my side yard. It's not grass, and not gravel, and not cement. Hard dirt works.

It was somewhere out there. And it was on her knee.

And Matt, I had a typo. It was supposed to say that were home by 6pm. Good eye!