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Friday, May 11, 2007

School Board Meeting

Last night at the school board meeting, they were honoring AO Marshall (the kids' elementary school). Jacob and Thomas were chosen to be part of the program.

Jacob was asked spur of the moment to lead the pledge of allegience with another boy, and he did great!

The school gave examples of how they complied with certain district innitiatives throughout the year. Jacob and Thomas were showcased for Family Reading night. The boys, and the little kids and I got to come up front, while a teacher explained about family reading night, and told how we came, and even had matching PJ's. It was fun.

Then, at the end, Jacob and Thomas got a certificate for "Find the Gift", and a small pin of a present. They were very proud.

The little kids and I didn't have as much fun. It was 1 1/2 hours from start to finish, and we didn't get seats. The school kids has assigned seating. So, I stood in the back with Jim, Joe, and Eme. I had to hold Jim so he didn't run around. And he didn't like that anymore than I did. Boy were my arms tired!

Eme and Joe tried to "take each other out" the whole time. Joe kept trying to sit on Eme. Jim practiced his "loud voice". At one point, we went out the back door (which was open to let in fresh air) and played by the cars. But then, when we came back in, it was even worse for Jim. He's had a taste of freedom!

But, I was very proud of my big kids, and glad that the school recognized that our family is involved, and that my boys are terrific!


Lyn said...

Yeah for the Harty big boys! Yeah. . .you two are awesome and we are so proud of all that you do! Yeah!