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Monday, May 21, 2007

More Camp Pics

Aren't these cool. They rolled them out onto the battlefield to hide behind.

Capitan Paul

K, gotta go. Heroes is on. Season finale, you know! don't want to miss it :)


Nathaniel said...

And a nice finale it was. I wonder who it is Molly doesn't like to look for. The Haitian?

When Charles Deveaux was able to see Peter I thought it might be him some how even though he supposedly died.

I still want to know what happened to the invisible man, aka the 9th Doctor.

Oh yeah, and I thought it was cool to finally hear Mr. Bennet's first name.

Why did no one take Sylar's head?
Did Nathan actually die?

I can't wait for season two. Hehe.

a said...

I thought it might be him too.

So did Sylar actually die? What was all that with the dragging marks, and the bug on the drain pipe?

I too was wondering if Nathan died? He could have just dropped off Peter, then flew off. And will peter come back? Can he regenerate? Probably not, cause there wouldn't be enough left, right?

I guess we'll have to wait for next season (sob!)

Nathaniel said...

I'm fairly certain Sylar is alive. The blood trail went to the sewer, and they showed the bug while he was in Primatech and looked to be near death's door. I wonder if perhaps the bug is more than just a symbol, but maybe another "hero."

Peter is definitely alive. Having the ability to go nuke protects him from the damages of it. Ed Sprague never died when he blew up, although on a much smaller scale of course. My question is if there will be any fallout from the nuclear explosion in the atmosphere.

Unknown said...

By the way, did you hear that next fall there will also be a Heroes spin-off called Heroes: Origins? Each episode will feature a new hero, and apparently the popular ones will continue on to the next season.

It's mostly filler episodes so that there won't be any hiatus in between episodes like they did this season. That hurt ratings big time. Counting the new show, there should be 30 episodes as opposed to just the 23 this season.

a said...

No, I didn't hear that. That's awesome! Can't wait. Funny that I like my TV shows so much. It's not like my life isn't thrilling and exciting enough now :)

Nathaniel said...

I only really like a few TV shows right now, but I REALLY like them.

a said...

I like Heroes on Mondays, Jericho and Lost on Wednesdays, and Survivor on Thursdays. All others I can do without. That doesn't mean I don't watch them occasionally, but I can do without them

So the Heroes spin off thing will be on the same day, same time as heroes regular day, but just when their on break, right?

Nathaniel said...

I guess so. Not really sure.

I watch Heroes, Doctor Who, Ultimate Fighter, and The Riches. I might catch Heroes and Ultimate Fighter when they air on Mondays and Thursdays respectively, but otherwise I acquire copies of all of the shows to view at my leisure.

Doctor Who airs in the UK on Saturday nights, and I see them later that night. I think The Riches is on Mondays too, but I'm not sure.

a said...

I guess I forgot about Dr. Who. I watch that on line though. And I"m behind. So eventually, I'll watch that too.

The Riches is FX right? I saw the previews, but have never watched it. What's it about?

Nathaniel said...

Well, you'll always be behind if you watch Doctor Who on TV. They're a season behind here in the States.

The Riches is a tad strange. I'm kind of surprised I even watch it. It has a train wreck quality to it though. A family of gypsies ends up posing as a rich family. They assume their identities, and then struggle to keep the masquerade going.

I started watching it because Eddie Izzard is the lead. Minnie Driver, who I don't especially like, is his wife on the show. It's definitely not a family show, but I'm watching until they cancel it. If it were on FOX it would already be gone.

a said...

The BBC is on season 3, right? We don't get it on PBS, I just watch it on the link you sent me.

Nathaniel said...

Yeah, season 3. I acquire my copies of each episode online from people in the UK.